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  • We welcome Dangerbreeze as the new medicine cat of RiverClan
  • Silverclaw is the new deputy of RiverClan. We honor your loyalty to your clan.
  • Jetkit has left ThunderClan, and has joined RiverClan.

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RiverClan Camp



Longstar's Den:


Medicine Cats Den:


Patients Den(where sick cats stay):


Warriors Den:


Apprentices Den:




Elders Den:


Prisoner's Den-




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Should this site become a No-join site?(u dont have to join u can just rp)

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Do you think I should...?

Okay I've been having tons of questions lately on whether I should do this or that and I want ur opinion.At the bottom of each clan page there will be a place where u can put ur answers!

1.Should I make a connected site for tribes,dog packs, kittypets,loners, etc?

2.Should I change this template to something else?

3.Should I add some site helpers?

4.Should we have plots?

5.Should I allow med cats to have mates and kits?

6.Should I have contests?

7.Should I use the old prophecies or make new ones?

More questions come when these r answered lolz.

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