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Dates for the next three meetings:
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Be sure to cast in your votes on the tie breakers below before the end of the 15th. Winners will be announced tomorrow night.





The votes are in! The polls are closed, and we have selected our five prophecy cats!

ShadowClan: Lightsky
RiverClan: Silverclaw
WindClan: Blizzard
SkyClan: Eclipsekit
 If you happen to be the owner of two characters selected to be in the prophecy, please let me know. I want to spread out the owners of each prophecy cat as much as I can. In other words, I don't want anyone owning more than one character in the big prophecy.
It has been decided that the prophecy cats will, in fact, have powers. The powers are listed below. I NEED EVERYONE SELECTED TO BE IN THE PROPHECY TO GET A HOLD OF ME AS SOON AS YOU ARE ONLINE. PLEASE. 

Silverfeather, your power is Lightning

She would be able to summon lightning storms, and control the lightning from that storm. Silverfeather would not be able to create lightning by herself, just summon the storm and use the lightning. If the lightning catches anything on fire, she can not control the fire created from it.

Lightsky, your power is Fire

She would be able to set things on fire, and then control that flame. She cannot create fire from her paws and use it as a weapon. Lightsky must have a source of fire to manipulate. 

Silverclaw, your power is Water

She would be able to manipulate and control water. Silverclaw would not be able to create or summon water to control. There must be a nearby water source for her to manipulate.

Blizzard, your power is Air

He would be able to summon gusts of wind at rapid speeds. Blizzard cannot use the power to fly, however. One perk, however, is that the wind could be icy, or incredibly warm, like a blizzard wind or a heat wave. 

Eclipsekit, your power is Earth

This power is a bit tricky. Normally, when you think of having the power of earth, you think of something like Earthbenders from Avatar: The Last Airbender. This isn't exactly the case, however. Eclipsekit would be able to use the earth to locate hidden or far away objects/cats. On rare occasion, the ground could be manipulated, but not anything drastic. (No summoning mountains, giant pillars of earth, hurling boulders at enemies, things like that) This power is not to be abused.


If you have any questions, please ask me about it on the discussion board on the home screen. I don't want anyone entering this huge prophecy and be completely clueless on what's going on. Keep in mind that this prophecy will take time to complete. It has been decided that when the prophecy is over, your character will loose his/her powers. If you no longer wish to be a prophecy cat, let me know immediately so I can assign your position to the runner up, or a better-suited character.


Prophecies Concerning More Than 1 Clan-



Heroes from the past will rise once more, and defeat what should have fell. Concerns: Sparrowpaw (Not re-incarnated, just has powers. can see through stuff), Hollypaw (Re-incarnated from Hollycherry, can create wings from the stars and fly), Flarepaw (re-incarnated from Flarekit. Controls fire), and Talonpaw (re-incarnated from Talonstrike, warrior of SkyClan, can hear things from long distances, see things from long distances, like Dovepaw from the books) VS. Jet, Naiomi, Vengance and Vain 










Unknown Territory Cats-


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